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Volun-Cheer: What Will Volunteering Look Like Post COVID?

Lisa Mort-Putland, Executive Director – Volunteer Victoria

There are things to cheer about this year and volunteerism is one of them. Thousands of volunteers were displaced from their regular volunteering roles in 2020 and now we all have an opportunity to reset our vision for volunteerism. If you are recruiting new volunteers, on boarding existing volunteers, or planning your own personal volunteer adventures we have things to think about!

Lisa Mort-Putland, joined the Volunteer Victoria team as Executive Director in June 2011. Lisa holds a B.A. in Drama and a master’s in public administration with a focus on non-profit management. Prior to working with Volunteer Victoria Lisa was the Development Manager for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Victoria and spent more than 25 years working and volunteering in the museum and heritage sector. Lisa is a member of the Board of Volunteer Canada. Lisa provides governance assistance to organizations and is often asked to speak at conferences, events, and celebrations.

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