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Conference Commit

The Vancouver Island Emergency Preparedness (VIEP) Conference Society was established in 2008 to support Vancouver Island and neighbouring islands host a biennial conference for emergency preparedness volunteers, community groups, non-profit organizations and professionals.


The conference, which is organized by the Conference Committee,  provides emergency preparedness learning opportunities in the areas of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. The work of the Committee is governed by a four member Board of Directors, which provides direction and oversight.

Board of Directors

Dog in Action
Nansi Blenkiron

I would like you to tell me why you got involved and why you are passionate about this work. And I think it would be great to know about your background if it impacts why you got involved or is related to emergency preparedness. All in this box.

Cute Hungry Puppy
Clare Fletcher


Tom Burchill 
Vice President

Place holder.

Funny Pitbull Portrait
Joanne Hart

It would be great if everyone's photo is on a white background and a head and shoulders shot. I think we should make the size the same as linkedin.

Conference Committee

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