Who We Are

VIEP Conference Society

​The acronym VIEP, in the Society's name, stands for Vancouver Island Emergency Preparedness.

The VIEP Conference Society was established in 2008 to support Vancouver Island and neighbouring islands in hosting a biennial conference for emergency preparedness volunteers, community groups, non-profit organizations and professionals. Over the years, the role of the Society has expanded.  In addition to supporting the conference, we encourage and support local emergency preparedness workshops, and administrer a bursary and award.

The conference, which is organized by our Conference Committee,  provides participants with emergency preparedness learning opportunities in the areas--also known as pillars--of emergency mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. The work of the Committee is governed by an eight-member Board of Directors, which provides direction and oversight.  

Board of Directors

Become a Member

Join our team and be part of a growing community of professionals, volunteers, businesses, individuals and organizations. Anyone 19 years or older may join. As of 2020, the annual membership fee has been permanently waived. Click here for the VIEP Conference Society Membership Form.


Learn more by reading our constitution and bylaws.