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Foundation in ESS: Island Style

Emergency Support Services (ESS) is a provincial emergency response volunteer program designed to meet the basic needs of British Columbians impacted by disasters with the intention to provide short-term support in a compassionate manner. You are invited to join us to learn more about the growing ESS community and the many new ESS Teams forming in First Nations and Local Governments across BC.  Gain a holistic understanding of efforts that go into starting an ESS Program in a 2020-2021 context; from building, planning, training, and sustaining a local ESS team with the capacity to host and deliver this important safety-net service that is both compliant with Provincial policies while also adaptive to the diverse needs of people, places and spaces vulnerable to risk and disaster.

Cari McIntyre joined Emergency Management BC as the Emergency Support Services Volunteer Deployment Coordinator in 2019, bringing with her international field research experience documenting locally driven human-rights based disaster recovery initiatives developed in remote communities, completed in connection with her undergraduate degree in Anthropology from Vancouver Island University.  These experiences led Cari to focus her current master’s thesis research on the linkages between participatory engagement, the social determinants of health, and disaster resilience.  Working as the acting ESS Training Officer since April 2020, Cari is grateful to be in a position to both support, and to learn from, ESS leadership across the Province as they skillfully adjusted to a Covid-19 environment whilst adapting their business processes to include in-house training solutions for the new Evacuee Registration & Assistance (ERA) tool.  A lifelong learner and volunteer, Cari is committed to modelling shared leadership and to honing her facilitation skills through the application of visual and collaborative practices.    When not at work, she can be found in the forest with her dog or pulling weeds and planting seeds in the veggie garden with the family. 

Corey Anderson began his emergency management career with the BC Wildfire Service in 1991. Thirteen fire seasons later he jumped into the aviation industry where he worked his way up to general manager of an aircraft engine overhaul facility. Joining Emergency Management BC at the beginning of 2017, Corey worked in the Emergency Coordination Centre, a stint as a Provincial Duty Manager and in EMBC’s Disaster Planning department before moving over to VIR to become a Regional Manager in late 2019. Corey enjoys road trips with his wife in their Westy, surfing, all forms of cycling and most disciplines of motorsports. Has cats.

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